My Final Step

The day is about to end

Finally, I am close to taking my rest.

As I look back at the road I traversed

I cannot help but let tears burst

As it had not been an easy walk.


I paced more than a thousand miles

I strode, I marched, and even had to hike.

I fell off a cliff, my leg badly wounded.

I climbed up a mountain, I fought for breath

I crossed the bridge, my heart violently pounded.


Finding the main road seemed a consolation,

To my surprise, it was an even more dangerous course

Arrows sling, gun flaks attack

My chest started to bleed

My feet are unmoved.


I crouched- my nose against the dirt

I raised my head- saw the end of the road

I mustn’t give up, one last mile to toddle

I started to crawl, my whole body hurt

It did not matter, I had to go


Cold breeze tossed my hair

Piercing pain struck through my veins

I gazed ahead; a few steps from the end….

I looked at the sky- it was no longer grey.

I saw the road, it seemed safe


I summon the last of my strength….,


I stand tall…


I take a deep breath…


I take a bow…


As I now take my final step.






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