BooksHow many at the sight of books or reading materials for that matter project an expression of apathy, annoyance, and worst, disgust! I, on the other hand delight (to the point of hurting myself as I enthusiastically jump out of excitement and literally fall flat on the floor) at the sight of books. To me, books are more than just a collection you display in the shelves of your living room; more than just a pile of your unwanted possessions ready to be dumped in a sack, to be dispatched or locked away forever. They are more than a reference of knowledge for the momentary satisfaction of your inquiry, assignment or research.

To me, like the Chinese proverb, “a book is a garden carried in your pocket.” Each page brings forth life in the words that radiate power nourishing and strengthening the reader’s heart and soul. It makes you experienced like a 50-year old teacher as you learn from the lives of each character you read, but at the same time, it keeps you feeling like a schoolboy or a schoolgirl because each book you read always teaches you something new.

To me, a good book is a friend you can always count on. It will exceed what you expect from it, it will comfort you, soothe your weary heart and yet it does not ask anything in return. Amidst a crowd, you may go unnoticed or unwanted, but with a book in hand, you will never feel insecure. I could live without the crowd, but I could not imagine life without books!!! An unknown author says, “Let books be your dining table, and you shall be full of delights. Let them be you mattress and you shall sleep restful nights.”

So you see to me, dogs are only second man’s best friend.

Published by AJ

Hi! I'm Aj from the Philippines. Obviously I love to read and write and from years of experience I have learned that when you love something so much, you would do it absolutely for free so here I am writing stuff for all people to see in the hopes that at least one or maybe two souls could benefit or get little inspiration from what they will read from this blog. Enjoy and spread the love! ;)

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