Review: Love and Other Perishable Items by Laura Buzo



4/5 stars! 

Such a cute read! Just the title and the book cover alone already made me want to take the book home which I did and which I didn’t regret because this is one of the more genuine, more honest coming off age stories about being fifteen, being awkward and falling in love for the first time, about heartbreak, about the toughness of being at that crucial age of entering the world of adulthood and generally about growing up.

Creatively told in the alternating POVs, Amelia’s voice and Chris’ narrative through his diary, we learn about these two very well rounded, very well depicted characters who are worlds and ages apart, (Amelia is 15 and Chris is 21) and how they find this sort of magical connection with each other in the Land of (Broken) Dreams aka the local supermarket where they both work part-time.

For the faint-hearted and for those easily grossed out, worry not because whatever you might be thinking inside that dirty head of yours, this isn’t one of those stories. Written very smartly and humorously, the story talks not only about love but also about literature, feminism, society and so many other significant subjects as well. I didn’t expect this to be a very thought provoking read but this really is.

In my honest, humble opinion, this is one of the better YA books written out there, the same thing I said about Melina Marchetta’s Looking for Alibrandi (Go, Aussies!) Even the conclusion although open-ended still gives a very powerful message especially to the youngsters out there. I’d say it’s perfectly done.

Definitely, definitely recommended!

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