Review: The Caller by Dan Krzyzkowski


4/5 stars! 

First and foremost, let me just report to you a phenomenon. I WON THIS BOOK! I WON THIS BOOK!

I joined a giveaway for this book and the kind and awesome author picked me as one of the lucky winners of a physical copy of the book delivered right at my doorstep. I’ve never had much luck in these things until now, so really, thank you so much, Mr. Dan Krzyzkowski.I won’t even attempt pronouncing your last name, but thank you! 🙂

Now onto the review.

I joined the giveaway contest for the book for a reason and that’s mainly because the premise of the novel really caught my interest. It promises of a thrilling, suspenseful read and I did get what I was promised. Once I started reading the book, I couldn’t put it down. In fact, I read it in one sitting not only because it was a short read but also because it was fast-paced and rather unique.

It’s been so long since I’ve read a book where all the events take place in a single time setting. Yes, there is a prologue and epilogue but the very meat of the story takes place in a single time, when on a stormy night on the year 1994 when technological access wasn’t as awesome as it is now, seven year old Justin at his house calls Call-A-Friend hotline where Leslie, a volunteer takes his call believing all she’ll have to do is cheer up a child up on a lonely night. It turns out Justin needs so much more than cheering up because his house is being invaded. *GASPS!*

Thus, like I told yah, once you start reading the book, there is never going back. It doesn’t matter if your heart may fail to beat or that you may forget to breathe; you just have to read it through the end. The author surely knows how to build suspense and how to fully grip the reader with his impeccable and imaginative writing style. The only thing that kept from giving it five stars is the excessive use of the term (view spoiler). But overall, it was a generally surprising and captivating read. It actually felt like a watching a really good thriller. 😉

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