Review: A School for Unusual Girls (Stranje House #1) by Kathleen Baldwin

4/5 stars!

Color me surprised! This was a rather amazing read. It was quite baffling because the silliness and hilarity of the story reeled me in. The language of the book was really infectious and I relish the days I spent speaking this way but now I must stop and revert to my boring, normal language. Lol.

In my honest opinion, A School for Unusual Girls is a story written to mainly entertain the reader and I completely enjoyed how the novel seems like a deconstruction of historical fiction, fantasy, science-fiction and yes, fairy tale (love that twist where the supposedly damsel in distress isn’t a damsel but a lad). This is evident in the premise of the novel.

Georgie, a 16 year old girl whose head is always filled with calculations and formulas for her scientific experiments instead of balls, marriage, gowns and yes, ruffles, (*chuckles*) is sent by her parents to Stranje House, a house meant to discipline and reform unusual girls to become the proper ladies the society in the 1800s deemed appropriate and where Georgie meets several other girls who like her, have exceptional abilities.

As it turns out, Stranje House isn’t the school that people believed it to be and Georgie’s invention, a formula for invisible ink turns out to be of highest value in a period of great political conflict and this is where the (hawt) Lord Sebastian and consequently the romance (that turned me to mush) come in.

“I doubt any lover’s poem would have teased my ears more sweetly than our discussion of iron oxides and magnesium.”

How I picture Georgie:

The history and other elements tied with it fictionalized in the story along with the creation of a few stereotypical characters are meant to adorn the story, to serve as interesting and creative backdrop with which the reader could better enjoy the novel. The writing is completely enjoyable, very witty and hilarious. I know a writer is innately funny when he or she confidently manages to use “Agh” in her narrative and Ms. Kathleen Baldwin did exactly that and more. I particularly enjoyed her analogies and metaphors that kept me giggling or laughing out loud.

“My heart slid down into the vicinity of my toes. It felt as if I kicked the poor abused organ with every step I took.”

I am looking forward to reading the next book in the series which I already have in my hands courtesy of the most generous author herself and yep, I’m bragging about winning another book (in hard cover)! Woooot!

(That could be Tess and her heaving bux…er…person. LMAO!)

Thank you so much, Ms. Kathleen Baldwin! You rock!^^

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