Review: Playlist for the Dead by Michelle Falkoff

3/5 stars!

For a debut novel and for a very controversial theme, I thought the book isn’t bad. I generally avoid books on suicide because more often than not, it ends up really depressing but although Playlist for the Dead tackles the same subject, it does so in a way that doesn’t put so much weight on the reader’s emotions.

Unlike books on suicide that linger on the whys of the person’s decision to end his/her life, this book focuses on the loved ones, the ones who can’t help blame themselves for the death, on how they try to cope and move on emotionally and psychologically and this is delivered through an intriguing and mysterious plot with a hint of paranormal through the voice of Sam, the best friend.

The playlist although still confuses me up to this point, I think, is a creative element that makes the story more engaging to read. I may not have fully grasped the meanings behind all the songs but they sure gave a huge impact to the novel as a whole.

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