Review: It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover



  5/5 stars! 

Ms. Colleen Hoover is very well known for her creative love stories that are sometimes cheesy, often a bit smutty but usually beautiful and inspiring. But what makes her stand out as a writer for me is her ability to make readers see through the wide spectrum of shades that begins with white and ends with black. Like what she did with Maybe Someday, in this book she once again allows the reader to see that a person is made of complex qualities- that no person is purely good or bad and that there are a hundred possible reasons behind every action and therefore one cannot be judged by the action he/she does. She makes me realize that not all stories require a villain. Just because somebody does bad things doesn’t make them the anti-hero.

But in the end, it’s always up to the person how much bad he or she allows in his/her life. A strong person despite her/his dark past and negative experiences knows when to walk away or stay and contrary to popular belief that love is enough, in some cases IT.JUST.ISN’T and therefore It Ends With Us isn’t just a love story. It’s an eye-opener, a gentle way of reminding us of a very rampant social issue/problem but which is commonly neglected or misunderstood and I thank the author for her courage in writing her most significant novel as to date while drawing from her personal experiences.

I have fallen in love with CoHo’s stories, her writing and creativity but after this book, I am in love with her as a person. JUST KEEP SWIMMING! ‘nuff said. :’)

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