Review:Another Day by David Levithan

2.5/5 stars!

Well, how about that? When my friend mentioned that Another Day is basically just a retelling of Every Day except in the point of view of Rhiannon, secretly I was like “Pft! That couldn’t be possible, right? There has to be so much more to it than a retelling in a different POV. This Fabian person (please refer to the friend) I’m sure is just exaggerating.” Now, I’m figuratively smashing my head on the wall and sending an apology to my friend telepathically because he was right all along, very right. The difference is Rhiannon’s POV is way more depressing than that of A but I kept reading on because I wanted to know more about A in the POV of another person.

The thing is, what I learned more about isthis terrible, terrible person, Justin instead and what I did earn was the desire to bury him in the endless abyss of his own asshole-ness. On the other hand, I wanted to strangle Rhiannon into reality and slap her senseless for keeping up with Justin too long.

But, I admire the author just the same for his consistency, for his impeccable writing ability and for the courage to write about hateful characters and situations like those in the story. Suck-y relationships do exist and I hope we readers are smarter than Rhiannon by getting out of a bad relationship earlier than she did or by not getting involved in one in the first place.

Now, now, don’t be discouraged by this review because despite my complaints, I still enjoyed it somehow and I’m definitely reading more books by the author in the future. 🙂

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