Review: The Last Star by Rick Yancey

Bye, bye series! 

♣ First Book: 5/5 stars                 ♣ Second Book: 4/5 stars              

                               ♣ Third Book: 2/5 stars

I doubt the finale of this supposedly epic series is meant to be funny but if there’s anything the book achieved, it’s that it really was funny- the cheesy kind, hundreds of eye-rolls worthy kind of funny but funny nonetheless. “Ben, Has-Ben and What-Might-Have-Ben” really cracked me up in the cheesiest way possible. But is it just me or did anybody else notice that change in tone because I couldn’t seem to recall Cassie this funny or even Ben for that matter. I guess the end of the world makes survivors comediennes/comedians.

“You know you’ve reached a very sad place when the only person who can make you laugh is yourself.”

*Guess I’m in a very, very sad place right now, tsk, tsk.*

But even though I did enjoy the humor and sarcasm, Cassie felt like a totally different person here with all her cheesy and snarky narrations. It’s the end of the world and there Cassie goes writing tacky, personal fantasies in her journal while Ben uses his one thousand kilowatt killer smile as weapon against the enemy or the girl he desires. *eye-roll times 1000*

I only kept reading on because I needed my closure but without that resolve, I doubt I’d have the strength to finish the novel because half of the time I was pretending to understand the mess that is the plot and the other half, I was rolling my eyes over the unwise decisions of the characters, of the absurdity of the whole Fifth Wave concept and over the unresolved conflicts within and among the characters.

***Not really a spoiler but may be interpreted as a spoiler by some so read at your own risk***

And because this is a post apocalyptic trilogy, aside from the many characters that kept dying since the first book, somebody really important had to die. It’s now your job to find who that is which isn’t exactly a very difficult task because the clues are all over the place. Jeez! Initially I thought it gave the story poetic justice but after I read everything, my only thought was: What’s the point?!
Uncle Ricky, you owe me big time. 😦

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