Review:Unteachable by Leah Raeder

3/5 stars

It isn’t exactly a beautiful story but I wouldn’t say it’s ugly either although I could definitely say that the writing is both which I think is quite artistic. There are many parts that are brazen, reckless even harsh, the characters exorcised the demons inside them a whole lot of times and Lolita is often used as reference (you’ll get the metaphor when you read the book ;)) but several parts [which I wished were just a tad bit more than the ugly parts ;)] are also very beautifully and thoughtfully written. It’s a very good symbolic technique to depict life. Thus, if there’s one word that I could use to exactly describe the story, it would be realistic.

I appreciate it when authors manage to make the readers think outside the box even if we don’t necessarily agree or approve, make us grasp life’s ambiguities and make the readers see that there is good and evil in everyone. A lot of my 2016 reads have managed to do that. It Ends With Us, All the Ugly and Wonderful Things, okay fine, The Girl In 6E and now Unteachable. It’s not a perfect read, there are strengths and weaknesses but it’s still generally a worthwhile read.

Just one simple advice: Keep out of children’s reach. 😉

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