Review: One-Lane Bridge by Dan Krzyzkowski

5/5 stars! 

“The people who pass in and out of your life. They just kind of wander in and wander out. Some stay longer than others. Some stay forever. It’s the people, I believe, who represent life’s single greatest variable. You know why? Because they change you. Whether you know it or not, they change you. And you change them.”

One of the most painfully beautiful stories I’ve read that had me both smiling and crying at the same time since the first page until the end and I wish I were more eloquent so I could express exactly how beautiful the novel is. It definitely lands one of my most unique and most memorable reads this year and I couldn’t thank Mr. Dan Krzyzkowski enough for being so generous as to offer me to read his book by sending the physical copy to me only a few days after I’ve read another book he wrote which he also gifted to me. Though it may appear that his generosity may have affected my rating of the book, in all honesty it doesn’t. I’m speaking from the very bottom of my heart as I express the following (mostly incoherent) thoughts about the book.

One-Lane Bridge is a book as unassuming as its author. Looking at its very simple cover and blurb, you wouldn’t probably choose to read it if you were the type of reader who judges books by their cover. But just like the humble writer (who would amazingly kindly reply to my silly e-mails), the novel surprises you with its unique storyline, believable, well fleshed out, dynamic characters, impeccable writing style, intricate mysteries and undeniable literary and philosophical values that will touch you to the very core of your heart.

That conclusion left me with happy quiet tears running down my face as I hug the book to my heart. *sniffs* I’m glad my dad didn’t spill a word about the ending. He only said the book deserves five stars and he rarely rates books five stars. I definitely agree with him. 😉

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