Review: Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo

5/5 stars!

Already 10,321 Goodreads reviews and here I am still attempting to make one but only because this is my only, little way of acknowledging this unbelievably talented creature that is no other than Ms. Leigh Bardugo. Seriously, she makes me question her real nature. I have a strong feeling she must really be Grisha because only a mind like hers could concoct a uniquely fantastic story as Six of Crows with the most intriguingly gripping plot and with an incredibly well-fleshed out set of original characters who are completely distinct and memorable in their own ways- their concurrence against one another creating striking contrasts making them complement one another perfectly. 😉

Just a quick rundown of only a few of the many things I loved about the book:

♣ Colorful, rich, dynamic and unpredictable characterization
♣ Splendidly gorgeous writing
♣ The funny banters
♣ Nina and her soft spot for endless generosity, humor and deserts.
♣ Inej, her stealth and her silent demeanor but resolute purpose
♣ Matthias and his overly righteous instincts
♣ Wyland and his innocent but cunning tricks
♣ Jesper and his jests
♣ Kaz in all his perfect imperfections 😉
♣ That there was barely room for breathing because until the end, there were so many plot twists and turns leaving me hanging onto dear life.
♣ The Acknowledgement where I learn one personal thing about the author which makes me love her even more.

How I picture Kaz (without his cane and gloves):

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