Review: My Heart and Other Black Holes by Jasmine Warga


3.5 stars rounded up because it’s my last book review for 2016 ^^

It is my steadfast personal principle that my life is never mine to take and it’s why I try to avoid books on suicide as much as possible but I’ve heard a lot of good things about My Heart and Other Black Holes and I got really intrigued with the idea on “suicide partners” so I took the plunge and I could now say that it was totally worth the risk. The two characters in the story make me empathize with their causes because they believe there is no other better course in life than to end their own.

Although I think the story lacks better resolutions on several conflicts and that the turning point and conclusion sort of just happened in a nearly fairytale like fashion, I think this is a significantly unique debut novel about two people who met at the darkest times of their lives written in a very smart and witty manner that readers would enjoy despite the sad themes. I knew I had good reason to empathize with the characters because they do grow in the story. Although their resolve to end their lives is as stiff as an unwashed sock for three years, knowing each other brought a change to both their lives whether they acknowledge it or not and that simple change is really all it takes to make a difference.

I think many of our young people today heavily seek validation and acceptance from society- others even depend their lives on it. The story reminds us however how flimsy and unreliable it is to always seek other people’s approval to prove your self-worth when all you really need is the acceptance and love of the people you love and those who truly matter to you. The book also reminds that there are still many kindhearted people out there. It’s just sometimes we tend to think the worst of other people when often, many of them (even strangers) genuinely care. 😉

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