Review: The Last Stand (Book 4 of The Black Mage Series) by Rachel Carter

5/5 stars! 

After the inexplicable heartbreak I went through in the third book of the The Black Mage Series, I wasn’t expecting rainbows and sunshine in this final book but %#@*&!, I wasn’t ready for the onslaught of agony, pain and emotional persecution I went through either that at times, it honestly felt too much. My heart was a small and innocent coffee bean, crushed and pulverized to fine powder then finally melted into hot water. It just hurt too much. *stares accusingly at author*

But I wholeheartedly accept why the heroine and even the hero had to go through the trials and adversities they had to go through, why they had to face each other off for the final time. Ms. Rachel Carter, in my personal observation and opinion from the very start wrote the series with a steadfast conviction of the direction the plot was going to take that everything made perfect sense.

The author unbelievably exceeded herself in this final book. Every element has gotten so much better, almost perfect including her writing, characterization, plot twists and schemes and I am honestly a fan (friend or not, with or without ARC) even if she allowed my heart to get beaten to a pulp. *stares accusingly at author again*

The last time I felt this much for a fantasy series was on Harry Potter and for a series to elicit these much emotions from me, it certainly is something else. I spent most of my reading time gritting my teeth in worried anticipation that everything will lead to devastation and tragedy that I almost didn’t want to finish the book. I’m far too attached to these characters and this story that I was afraid the conclusion might be something I won’t be able to bear but how could I not finish it when I’m also fully engaged and committed to the novel and the series as a whole. (My husband even threatened to disown me if I didn’t put the book down because it’s that unputdownable).

Thank goodness for my unwavering faith in the author because despite the emotional torture, I was very certain that in the end, she was going to make things right and I wasn’t wrong. It’s the perfect ending to one of my most beloved fantasy series.

Care to experience a thrilling, emotional adventure in this epic fantasy series? Start with the first book currently on sale before the release of the final installment on February 7.

Check out the following links to avail of the books including the free novella below:
FIRST YEAR (the first book): books/first-year/
NON-HEIR (the novella): books/non-heir/

For generously providing me with ARCs of books one through four, I will be forever grateful, Rachel Carter. I LOVE YOU!

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