Three in one review: Burn for burn trilogy by Jenny Han and Siobhan Vivian


4/5 stars!


“I’m sick of waiting for karma. Karma can suck it!”

A novel about revenge! Three girls conspire to finally punish High School’s most popular, meanest kids. I definitely want! That was really refreshing and entertaining.

I couldn’t stop laughing, but definitely not at the sad fate of those who deserved it but on the way the three girls plan and execute their revenge. It’s just too funny. I applaud the authors for making me feel really sympathetic towards all of the characters because as much as I find myself nodding in satisfaction with these ladies at the success of their schemes, understanding their need to avenge themselves being victims of bullying and ridicule, I also feel bad for those on the receiving end of the girls’ wrath because although they could be really hateful, I get that they are just really broken so they use popularity and meanness as self-defense.

What I really liked though is how a sort of bond formed among these three girls who were once just strangers to each other. I also like that the story is told in the perspectives of the three girls, Mary, Kat and Lilia. You get to see how distinct each of their mind works and you get to know each of them more closely and relatably. And that ending is crazy! Did Mary just go all Carrie on the party?! I have to find out.


“An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. a burn for a burn. a life for a life. that’s how all this got started and that’s how it’s going to end.”

Dayum! That ending triggered shivers all over my arms and neck. This revenge game has completely gone out of hand and people are literally getting hurt. Lives are put at stake and now, we’re also talking about ghosts? Like actual ghosts! Gah! I don’t know what to say really, except that this series is like a fat worm used as bait for the clueless, helpless fish that I am.

The story and everything about it is engrossingly addictive despite the plot becoming darker and darker by the chapters. I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough. Lillia’s story is super intriguing. Kat’s is surprisingly heartwarming while Mary’s is completely sinister. I just couldn’t stop reading. Also I know a lot of characters are getting hurt by this ship but I’m all aboard the Tabatsky-Cho ship. I couldn’t wait to read the last book!

P.S. Is it just my paperback copy or is everybody’s copy got “Lillia” as header for Chapter 25 when it’s actually Kat narrating?


I am not entirely happy with how things ended because dayum!

. *Sniffs* But I suppose the authors are just trying to keep it real or as real as a contemporary-slash-paranormal YA could get and yes, you read that right. The series turned out to be a paranormal-mystery-thriller and I honestly enjoyed it. All the while I thought it was going to be a fun YA chick-lit read because of the covers. (lol!).

So I won’t be saying anything more than what’s already said because it’s really best to read the series without any more clues than what I’ve already abundantly mentioned. (Sorry about that). I guess I could safely say that the ending gave me enough closure and satisfactory resolutions to the conflicts. The series is definitely worth the read. I finished all three books in three days. 😉


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4 thoughts on “Three in one review: Burn for burn trilogy by Jenny Han and Siobhan Vivian

  1. This has long been in my radar ever since I started blogging (a lot of years back!) but I never get to read the series for some reason! I’m glad to have bumped into your post, my interest in it has once again been rekindled! 🙂

  2. Hi, Aj!! It’s Simona from Goodreads!! I do technically have a blog but I never post anything (I prefer Goodreads) but I was having a look around here and thought I could visit 😀 Your blog is lovely and your words precious as always! Keep going, sweetie! :*

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