Manila Mini Adventure! ;)

For our third wedding anniversary, my husband and I decided to go to Manila  (Philippines’s capital) on a mini adventure.

Our first stop was at MOA (Mall of Asia) because I have never been there since it was put up. Of course, we had to have strangers take our photos or take selfies whenever we can.



We roamed around the huge mall and appreciated the abundant local and international establishments we don’t have at home while we waited for my best friend to get out of her work because we crashed at her place during our first night. Poor woman.

Of course, there was no way I’d miss checking out Fully Booked, a local bookstore that is well-know for its ambience and book titles you won’t see at other nationwide bookstores like National Bookstore (NBS). The prices of the books are a bit more expensive though than those from NBS so I ended up just touching and sniffing the books. *sighs*




Finally, my best friend arrived! Of course, we needed more pictures!16977089_120300002295234133_1793454908_n


After early dinner, we went to her place at Vito Cruz where she rents a unit at a really tall and huge condominium that reaches 35 floors! I was amazed because in Baguio City (our home), buildings are allowed only up to as high as seven or eight stories. The best part of the building is the rooftop because it has a pool and allows you to have a top view of the city at night.




And how could we pass up the chance to take a plunge into the cool pool?!


We did not stay in long though because it was starting to get cold and we decided to go back to my best friend’s unit to catch up with stuff about each other just like the good old days.

The next day, we had to say goodbye to my best friend because she had to go back to work and we still had one major pending agenda in our adventure- a trip to Manila Ocean Park! We arrived at around 9:30 in the morning and immediately had selfies at the entrance.


Look at that cute photo bomber.^^

17093185_120300002389149230_1241375716_o 17036599_120300002364407008_416030203_o.jpg

We bought two tickets for P750 pesos each for 11 different attractions. We first went to the World of Creepy Crawlies.

Omg! The crawlies were indeed creepy!


17036147_120300002376920140_1822066562_o 17093081_120300002379563580_878076151_o

‘Got goosebumps all over my skin so I was relieved to be getting out of our first exhibit and went straight to more friendly creatures, the sea lions.  The Sea lion show was fun and the sea lions were really cute. A Caucasian female who volunteered to have a close encounter with the cute animals even kissed one of them on the lips. Unfortunately, we were only able to record the video so I have no photos to boast. 😥

Next, we went to the Birds of Prey Kingdom.


And then off we went to the Jellies Exhibit. It was beautiful!






We got a bit hungry after the Jellies show though as evidenced in one of the photos of my husband so we had a quick lunch which consisted of noodles, siopao or steamed buns and waffles and then went straight to the All Star Bird Show which was just as fun as the Sea Lion show because the birds are really beautiful to behold, very smart too. They exhibited several tricks but again, we were only able to record videos but we did take one selfie while at the bleachers waiting for the show. Look at how exhausted my hair looked by that time. Lol.


Next, we went to the Sharks & Ray Dry Encounter where we got to hold the stingray and then we went to the main attraction which is the Oceanarium which was so awesome, we could not get enough pictures!










Look at the not so cute photo bomber! Lol.








I wish I could post every photo but I’m afraid WordPress might start crashing down so I’ll stop with Mr. Fishy here. Our last destination was the Fish Spa. After the abuse our feet and backs went through what with the endless walking with our heavy backpacks, the fish spa was the perfect way to conclude our Manila Ocean Park experience.


We were supposed to have one more show to see but it was really getting late and we had to check in at the hotel we had booked a few days earlier. We took a taxi from Manila Ocean Park to Pasay where the hotel is located and asked the driver to take us to Shogun Suite and here’s a little anecdote for you to enjoy.

The driver dropped us off right across the hotel called Shogun but not Shogun Suite and I swore to my husband that that was not the hotel I saw online and he concurred. The hotel didn’t look anything like the one we googled and I was completely disappointed but since we were already too exhausted, we went inside the hotel anyway. When we asked the front-liner about  the room we had reserved, she asked us “for how many hours?” and I was a bit shocked because we were never asked that question whenever we checked in at hotels before. I was used to “for how many nights” but not hours. Lol. But anyway, I told her we had reserved a room for one night and that was when the lady at the front-line directed us to a another hotel at the back of Shogun after a parking lot and that was when I finally got relieved because that WAS what I saw online. Shogun Suite. Phew! We were not able to take photos of the hotel anymore though because of exhaustion but we did take the picture of the rooftop pool.


The room was just okay but the shower wasn’t working so I guess that doesn’t make it okay but there was breakfast buffet which was also just fine so overall, I’d probably rate it 2.5 stars/5 stars. Of course, there were other stuff in our anniversary agenda that I’m no longer allowed to share (lol!), so my post ends here. I hope you enjoyed our mini adventure . 😉

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  1. Aww, I love this A! Happy anniversary. You guys looked amazing and everything looks like a ton of fun! Wish you guys a long and happy life together, A ❤

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