Review: Replica by Lauren Oliver

4/5 stars!

I have always appreciated Ms. Lauren Oliver’s writing and creativity. The inventive layout of her latest novel was enough to convince me to buy the book as I have never encountered a flip book until Replica.

Yep, just one book. Cool, right?

I decided to start with Lyra’s story just because I prefer blue over yellow (lol). To be an “it”, a replica, made at the so called “Haven” facility and be somehow content made me admire her character. I admit to not immediately liking her story because it started a bit slow but I’m telling you, do not give up on the book because it gets really good. After reading Lyra’s chapters, I  was shocked but at the same time I wasn’t very satisfied either. I thought there were so many plot holes and unanswered questions but these things are what Gemma’s story was meant for. 😉

Gemma’s story is one I really enjoyed from the very beginning and even though hers and Lyra’s interlap at one point, it felt like reading a fresh new story, a whole new different world. Gemma’s story is complete with mystery, suspense and it even includes your standard high school drama. It reads more like a contemporary while Lyra’s is more sci-fi. It’s incredible to have two different stories converging at one point making a single unified meaning while managing to be everything at once-scientific, realistic, philosophical and most especially human.

I don’t think it matters which POV you decide to read first. It’s entirely up to you. You could even read alternating chapters from each of the girls’ stories because however you decide to read the book, I’m pretty sure you’ll end up enjoying the experience.

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