Review: Geek Girl #1 by Holly Smale

4/5 stars!

This is exactly what I needed after reading Second Chance Summer and Some Girls Are– a fun, hilarious coming off age story. I felt like I laughed from start to finish. Harriet’s story could be compared to the Ugly Duckling’s except when Harriet transforms, she still ends up being herself and I thought that was great. She’s a certified geek from start to end and I loved that about the story. Although Harriet transforms, it’s mostly inner transformation. In the end, she earns self-confidence and realizes she’s great just the way she is.

The plot may be a little bit unrealistic and some of the characters a bit stereotyped but they were all so fun to read and all of them managed to make me laugh. They’re all adorable and hilarious in their own ways. I don’t know but I find British humour really hilarious and relatable.

I would highly recommend this book if you’re looking for a good contemporary that’ll make you laugh and feel good about yourself

Published by AJ

Hi! I'm Aj from the Philippines. Obviously I love to read and write and from years of experience I have learned that when you love something so much, you would do it absolutely for free so here I am writing stuff for all people to see in the hopes that at least one or maybe two souls could benefit or get little inspiration from what they will read from this blog. Enjoy and spread the love! ;)

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