Review: Some Girls Are by Courtney Summers

4/5 stars!

Courtney Summers sure doesn’t waste her time. When she writes stories, she means business and she’s all about the serious dirty business, I’m telling you. Some Girls Are for me is her darkest, grittiest novel yet, even scarier than her zombie duology.

Some Girls Are is a story of girl who was once a part of the “Fearsome Fivesome” composed of girls who are so mean and so effed up, they scared the crap out of me. I couldn’t imagine what it would be like in the shoes of Regina who gets kicked out of this elite group because of a horrible experience twisted and manipulated into something untrue. Now the bully becomes the bullied as Regina now becomes the main subject of the school’s elite gang’s evil schemes.

My heart was beating so hard from page one because despite Regina’s flawed character, she still earned my empathy and I was worried for her every day she went to school. I was cheering for her on her attempts to retaliate and many times I felt this twisted and creepy sort of satisfaction when she gets even.

I’m just not too happy about the ending. I’m sure the author is simply trying to keep it real and I get that stories like this don’t end in happily ever afters but I just wish there were better resolutions on the gazillion conflicts in the story but specifically on this very serious issue which I thought wasn’t very well addressed. But l guess the story is just trying to align its conclusion to the main theme of the story. Some girls are mean, some girls are effed up and some girls are practically evil, nothing one can do about it. *sighs*

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