Review: Everything that Makes you by Moriah McStay

3/5 stars

I’d like to make it clear that I did enjoy reading the novel and that I thought the author’s writing is smooth and easy to read. I do appreciate the concept, the alternative stories/universes of an individual and the overall theme that Ms. Moriah Mcstay is trying to convey (hey that rhymed^^) that a single life event/moment can make all the difference in a person’s entire being and in practically everything that makes a person.

I just personally don’t see the necessity of the alternative stories in this particular novel. I was waiting for a point in the plotlines where the alternative universes would fundamentally matter to or affect each other but I didn’t see it.

I honestly think these two plotlines could have been made into two different and distinct novels. Both stories have great potential if developed into two distinct, full blown novels- one with the element of music as its creative ingredient and the other with sports. As used in the novel though, I felt like the two plotlines become quite chopped and rushed that there wasn’t enough time for me as a reader to fully connect with the characters in the individual stories.

For a debut novel though, this wasn’t at all bad. I would give Ms. Mcstay another chance should she write another novel. 😉

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