Review: The Originals by Cat Patrick

3/5 stars

It’s probably obvious from the cover that The Originals is about clones. Therefore you might expect it to be this hard core science fiction, probably gearing towards dystopia with concrete world building and well established background and plotline. If you have such expectations, I suggest you lower them a bit if you’re planning on reading this book. If you do, there are greater chances that you’ll end up enjoying the novel like I did.

I believe this book is written for younger readers. I could already imagine my 13 year old niece fangirling after reading this. The too fast paced plot, the almost non-existence of complications, the cheesiness and the insta-love (I swear I snorted a couple of times over the cheesy lines), the happily ever after kind of ending- it actually feels like watching a Nick teen/Disney teen movie and yes, it’s kind of embarrassing but I enjoyed it. Lol.

I found the author’s writing very easy to read and quite amusing. I finished the book in one day. The premise of the novel got me really intrigued and I was curious about how the three girls could pull off being just one person. The biggest problem the girls have to face is surprise, surprise! Love problems. Because how could they date the boy each of them likes when the three are supposed to be just one person? Like I said, this was very entertaining and if you’re looking for a light, entertaining, sci-fi-ish read then you’re looking at the right book.





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