Review: Split by Swati Avasthi

4/5 stars!

I grew up into an imperfect family. There were times I had to referee for my dad vs my mom or my sister vs my mom or my sister vs my other sister usually over small things that become huge when one of the parties just wouldn’t give up. But physical violence has never become an option and we make sure that before the day ends, any conflict or misunderstanding among family members is fixed and forgotten. This is my way of saying that despite its imperfections, home has always been my refuge.

Just thinking about going home after a day’s work already makes me smile and it has always been like this for me since I was young-er (because I’m still very young^^). I’m most comfortable when I’m with my family and when I’m at home. I couldn’t imagine defining or looking at this wholesome social unit any other way but Split showed me the harsh truth that for some people, home is a hellhole. My heart broke while letting this sad fact of life sink in.

The story realistically portrayed the struggles of a teenage boy to escape his abusive father, find his older brother and save his mother. Told in the POV of Jace, the story successfully achieved its purpose in showing the readers how people like Jace and his older brother try to live a life while battling with their inner demons. It was heartbreaking and gut-wrenching but surprisingly, very hopeful too.

This is one of the more serious YA contemporaries I have read and appreciated very much for its relevance and truthfulness.


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