Review: Illuminae by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff

5/5 STARS!

No wonder people keep gushing about this amazing book. I couldn’t believe I’ll like it this much considering I’m not a hardcore sci-fi reader. Truth is Illuminae intimidated me at first when I scanned the pages before reading. The technical format foreboded heavy science facts but I was wrong. The format is actually what I think I enjoyed most about the book, enjoyed literally every page. This is how you’re supposed to enjoy a book- held it in different positions possible: flipped, sideways, rotated. It was just so much fun.

The creativity is endless, the plot twists surprising, the humor extremely hilarious and the romance just adorable. It’s everything I want in a sci-fi/dystopia book. I find the plot even though it may not be very unique (a girl and a boy pretending to be not but are really in love with each other are separated by an intergalactic war, a virus rendering afflicted persons as good as zombies and a crazy, malfunctioning super robot called Aidan still do everything to be together) very gripping and I just could not stop reading. Well admittedly I considered stopping when I thought the ending was going to be an unacceptable tragedy. (Glad I didn’t let Kady or Aidan fool me^^).

But really, I’m only kidding myself. Tragic end or not, there was no way I wasn’t going to finish the book. Honestly, I was slowly losing my faith in sci-fi-dystopia books especially those in a series but I’m so glad I finally read this book. My faith is renewed. I’m looking forward to reading Gemina.

I ship Kady and Ezra so bad! I had to imagine them through a gif.


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6 thoughts on “Review: Illuminae by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff

  1. Awesome review! I love The Illuminae Files so much! I can’t wait for Obsidio to come out! I am actually currently rereading, well actually listening to the series, I just finished Illuminae and hope to start Gemina soon! I highly recommend the audiobooks! They are amazing. They are done by a whole cast of voice actors and there are sound effects throughout and it’s just a whole other experience listening to it!

      1. That’s why I did it as a reread. But you could also just go through the book while you’re listening to see all the other stuff as there is some pages that don’t have words at all that you would miss.

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