Review:Gemina by Amie Kaufman & Jay Kristoff

4/5 stars!

PARTICIPANTS: Niklas Malikov, Civilian (unregistered)
Ella Malikova, Civilian (unregistered)
Hanna Donnely, Civilian (unregistered)
Aj the Ravenous Reader, Civilian (unregistered)
Date: 08/16/75
Timestamp: 18:12 


Pauchok: fem, I’m giving you a quick space time just because I dig you. *winks* girl, you’re on.
Ravenous Reader: Yay! Thanks, Ella. Love you, girl! I’ll make it quick. I was really excited to read Gemina thinking that it’ll be a continuation of Kady and Ezra’s story…
Nik M: it is still their story, highness. 🙂
Hanna D: I think you’re addressing the wrong girl, Nik.
Nik M.: just tryin’ to make ya jealous, my ladyship.
Pauchok: ███ ! so much gag. Soooo moving on?
Ravenous Reader: Sure. I admit I was a bit disappointed at first but you new people grew on me after a couple of pages. I wasn’t Hanna’s instant fan. It’s not easy to like a bratty human Barbie especially in the first 50 pages.
Pauchok: yeah. i didn’t like blondie either, didn’t know why cuz is so crazy about her but fem got the ███ skills and others can’t match it.
Ravenous Reader: Exactly. After her display of her awesome skills, I started liking her more and more. She’s such a bad-ass. I now completely understand why Nik is so into her.
Hanna D: You girls realize I’m right here, right?
Nik M: yeah.
Ravenous Reader: But you, Ella, are just as bad-ass as Hanna. I admire your excellent computer skills. You’re just super awesome.
Pauchok: yep. that’s me. rrrrrrarrrrrrr. We girls ███ rock!
Ravenous Reader: So I what I’m really saying is that I enjoyed your story just as much as I did Kady and Ezra’s even though admittedly, the plotlines are not very different from each other. But like you promised, Nik, I did get to see them again including my favorite Aidan and that in fact, this book is indeed their story as much as it is yours. It’s quite impressive, truthfully because Gemina managed to maintain all the stuff I found exciting in Illuminae. I still laughed so much, the creativity never failed me and the plot twists are just as amazing and completely to a whole new level. I can’t wait for the next diabolical plans the Illuminae Group has in store for me. So you guys try to stay alive until the end, okay?
Hanna D: Definitely. Because I am young and gorgeous and still have plenty to do.
Ella: k.
Nik M: :p

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