Review: Chaos of Stars by Kiersten White

3/5 stars

“But yes, love as cancer holds up quite well. Something that grows inside of you against your will and without your consent, slowly taking over more and more vital parts until it kills you.” 

Well that was surprisingly enjoyable, funny, romantic and yes, super cheesy. The beautiful cover doesn’t quite match the preceding descriptions. I thought this was going to be a serious, epic fantasy book derived from Egyptian mythology but I’m very amused at the comic almost silly take on these supposedly intimidating Egyptian gods and their stories.

Admittedly, I wasn’t very encouraged at the Goodreads average rating but in the first early chapters, I’ve come across with Osiris reading a newspaper in Tagalog (the first language of a quarter of the Filipinos’ population) so I decided the book must be worth reading. Lol. The entire thing including the plot is entertaining. It’s something less critical readers would probably enjoy.

Aside from the childish repetitions in the writing, perhaps the downside to the novel is its length. Being short and a standalone for a fantasy novel, there wasn’t enough of the stuff we usually find in fantasies like concrete world building, sufficient background and stronger characterizations. There isn’t much depth to the plot either but as it is, it’s a pleasurable, romantic (but emphasis on cheesy) read if you’re up to something a little fantastical, a bit mythological, quirky, swoony and quick to read.

All these positive words, however, do not discount the fact that I’m too annoyed at the prettiness of both the hero and heroine. Of course there’s a reason they’re both so beautiful but still.

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