Review: Rites of Passage by Joy N. Hensley

3.5/5 stars

Meet Sam Mc Kenna, the G.I. Jane of the Young Adult world as she embarks on a dare her brother Amos challenged her with- to enroll at Denmark Military Academy (DMA) . It sounds prestigious if only Sam weren’t two things: a Mc Kenna (a military brat) and a girl.

The originality of the premise is what convinced me to buy the book as I haven’t read anything like this that isn’t dystopia or fantasy. I have to be honest about the first chapters though because they didn’t do much for me. If it weren’t for the excellent, realistic writing and if I didn’t buddy read it with one of my favorite buddies, I doubt I’ll reach the middle part of the book.

The events at the beginning felt repetitive and I was doubting the plot’s going somewhere but thankfully I didn’t stop because when the real conflicts came in clear view and real $#!% started happening, I could no longer stop reading. Sam’s troubles are more than just a result of some man-boy’s power tripping. ***Spoiler*** [ A powerful secret society of effin’ misogynistic , homophobic military men not a lot different from Voldemort and his followers are set on purifying the military world by getting rid of “half-bred” consisting of gays, African-Americans and worst of all, girls. Those effin’ $#!%heads. Ugh!].  ***End of Spoiler***

But Sam is an incredibly impressive and strong character-physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. With the help of her brothers in the DMA who believe in her especially Oh, Sergeant, my Sergeant Drill, *blushes* read how she does her best to prove herself deserving of a place in the DMA and eventually in the military world.

My biggest complaint is the rushed ending. Even though it’s a happy ending, it’s not enough and I want more! (view spoiler) Also as pointed out by my friend, Tammy, there were some stuff in the story that are quite unrealistic like Jax (an outsider) being able to freely go in and out of the DMA. But overall, I enjoyed the entire book. The inspiring messages in the story would certainly linger and I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a unique YA contemporary read. 😉

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