Review: Off the Page by Jodi Picoult and Samantha Van Leer

4/5 stars!

Wow! I wasn’t expecting anything from this companion to Between the Lines except for a little cutesy fantasy escape which was exactly what I earned when I read the first book but Off the Page is a lot more complex than I expected. The two-dimensional characters have become well-rounded, the plot more complicated and the themes a lot broader. It is surprisingly written very well which I guess I shouldn’t be surprised about because after all, the book was written by a mother-daughter power tandem. I could imagine all the fun they had during the entire writing process.

The story is also a lot more entertaining and funnier than the first book. It was very enjoyable reading the POVs of the three major characters and witnessing how they struggle to adjust to the world they presently live in. Wishes coming true just have to come with a price. The conflicts are also very interesting and I was right along with the characters in finding a way to solve their problems.

At first I thought Between the Lines should be enough on its own but I think the companion is just as much as necessary to the entire plot.It’s honestly even better than the first book and you don’t get to say that a lot about second books. This duology would seriously make for a delightful movie because what do you know, they all lived happily ever after. Hurray!

P.S. This review marks my 500th review on Goodreads so yay! Congrats to me. Lol!




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