Read on January 7, 2015. Review: The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins

4/5 stars!

“There is something comforting at the sight of strangers safe at home.” 

I admit that I’m no expert when it comes to this genre. In fact, as to date, I have only read three books including this that falls under this category, so I will have to base my review on the general impact of the novel to me to the best of my ability without any spoiler as I perfectly know that these kinds of books need to be read without spoiler.

In my personal opinion, this book passes the mystery-thriller-suspense-crime criteria with flying colors! What makes me say this has a great deal to do with the hypnotic writing style of the author- there is something eerie but magnetic with it and it is a huge mystery to me how the author is able to put across layers of meanings in the simplest thoughts and the most mundane phrases the female characters who are also the narrators utter.

It is also noteworthy how the author, in order to craft this forbidding tale, deftly chose these three women who are most flawed and most foolish and yet are unexplainably capable of receiving the reader’s empathy. Of the three POV’s, I was most glued to that of Rachel’s (the major character) whose loneliness seems to magnify her imagination which consequently becomes the core of the plot. (Read the book for the story and the plot)

What strikes me more in the story is the absence of the dark comic tone which was very common in the other books I have read of the same sort. This exception, I think is what makes this book more realistic and well darker and more sinister.

It is also quite impressively baffling that the plot seems both linear and rounded at the same time. I felt like nothing happens so much but at the same time, it also felt like everything is happening and unraveling right under my nose and I couldn’t control my heart from hammering against my chest. There were times I had to stop reading and allow the creeps to surface above my skin.

Finally, I couldn’t help but notice how stories under this genre seem to have one common theme and that is how people will crucially suffer the worst possible consequence of  infidelity. I just hope the moral purpose of stories like this reaches the intended audience.^^

One helpful tip in solving mysteries: Suspect the person who you least suspect or better yet, suspect everybody.^^ 

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