Review: Soulmates by Holly Bourne

3/5 stars! 

What I have proven after my second book by Ms. Holly Bourne is that she is a subversive writer and I mean that in a constructive way. She defies norms and popular culture through her stories and isn’t scared to express her principles through her characters’ thoughts and it’s why I like her. Just take a look at her take on clichés.

“It’s just a relationship, Poppy. They’re all clichéd. There’s nothing special about us-apart from the fact it’s us. You and me. And I’m glad it’s you and me, because I feel what we’ve found is pretty great. But I think this “falling in love” stuff is just the same for everyone.” – Noah

I usually find myself nodding in agreement whenever her characters express their thoughts and I often pause to copy excerpts.

“Old Poppy would have been yelling at the television, chucking popcorn at us on the screen , saying it was ridiculous, -ludicrous, even –to say “I love you” so soon. I had changed beyond recognition, become everything I’d ever hated and yet I was so, so happy I didn’t care.” -Poppy

“Well, I don’t want my happiness to depend on a boy. It never did any good to anyone”. – Popppy

“That’s just silly. Look at all those trashy romcoms that do so well at the box office.” – Lizzie

“You’ve found someone who loves you. You. For exactly who you are. Some people go through their whole lives without ever experiencing that and you’ve managed to achieve it at the tender age of seventeen. So stop worrying and enjoy it. Just don’t forget who your friends are.” 

So despite the almost ridiculous, sci-fi-ish take on the concept of “Soulmates”, I found myself really enjoying the story. Though the romance got too cheesy that I hear myself groaning a lot of times, I don’t know why it still worked at least to me. Even the tragic ending was convincing. So plot-wise, I don’t think you would appreciate the book but chop it down to its smaller elements and I think you’ll enjoy it. Put all these parts together and you have an innovative, weird, sci-fi/cheesy romance that somehow still works.

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