Review: The Siren by Kiera Cass

2/5 stars

I hate to say this but even though the book wasn’t really bad, it wasn’t anything much else either. In other words, it was simply meh. Actually in retrospect, it was kind of bad. Just kind of. I couldn’t wait to finish it not because it’s compelling or anything. I just wanted to be over with it which I wasn’t expecting to be feeling because despite the Selection Series being a cheesy fairytale dystopia, I found the writing gripping and it’s why I liked it. I’m sad to say that that was a missing ingredient here in Ms. Kiera Cass’ standalone.

The premise is interesting enough but the totality of the parts to create a meaningful whole just failed to deliver. The dialogues and the humor were bland. The romance not very convincing which is sad since Siren is basically a romance novel attempting to disguise as an urban fantasy.

There wasn’t any color or complexity to the writing. The span of time the story supposedly covers wasn’t well explored. There wasn’t any real conflict. The Ocean, as a powerful entity like a sort of Titan should have been formidable and respectable but its personification wasn’t too far from that of a stereotyped stage mother. Even the job of the girls as Sirens seemed pointless although I guess it has to be that way since they simply have to sing and lure people to plunge to their deaths. Perhaps, that’s the only accurate thing presented in the book. How present day Sirens would actually live. They would party all night long. Lol.

Gah! I’m sorry about the really negative review but at least I didn’t dnf it. That means the book is still entertaining enough to be read until the end and at it has a happy ending so yay!

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