Review: Windfall by Jennifer E. Smith

4/5 stars!

Ms. Jennifer E. Smith’s books have always been just your average contemporary YA romance, at least to me. I have always enjoyed her writing and her plotlines but I haven’t found anything special about them until Windfall which obviously is now my favorite by Ms. Smith.

I find her latest book not only beautifully written, but also heartfelt and inspiring. Usually, I complain about the POVs of her books but not this time. I think the narrative view is perfect for the storyline. I also think the plot surprised me because I haven’t encountered a lot of stories about winning the lottery besides the movie, “It Could Happen to You” so it thrilled me a lot to read a book about a teenaged guy winning a lottery although the story is so much more than that.

In truth, this really is a story of a girl struggling with her painful past, confused with her challenging future and tortured by her unsure present complicated further by her hopeless love for a boy who may never love her back.

“Still, it doesn’t seem like all that much to ask: that the boy I love might love me back.” 

*sniffs* You could probably tell how emotionally invested I am in the story and in the characters that are very well-fleshed out, completely dynamic and unpredictable. I love that there were plenty of room for character transformation in the story and even though the book is far from being perfect, I enjoyed every bit of it and several times, the dialogues between Alice and her uncle/aunt managed to form a lump in my throat that easily converted to small drops of tears. I’m looking forward to reading the book again in the near future. 😉

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