2 in 1 Review: Magnolia and its short sequel :)


4/5 stars!


That was really cute! After all the depressing and gloomy reads, I thought I deserved something light and romantic and Magnolia had been the perfect choice. It was like a Romeo and Juliet spin-off set in contemporary Magnolia, Mississippi (love the setting and the southern romance) and instead of the feuding families, it’s our hero and heroine who are at war with each other mainly because they wanted to rebel against their families’ wish to unit them (wishfully in marriage).

I really enjoyed the writing. I thought it’s fresh, light and genuine. For a romantic YA novel, I think the plot is more substantial than expected. There were a few sad themes but they weren’t there to make the story melodramatic. I basically got everything I wanted from this novel. I giggled, rolled my eyes (seems mandatory when reading YA romance), swooned and sighed contentedly at the happily ever after. I wouldn’t mind reading it again.

Mischief & Magnolias

i-download (1)
Awwww. That was soooo adorable. I’m smiling up to my ears, no actually up to my eyes. I so needed this. Once, I said I don’t like reading YA romance if that’s just all it is but Magnolia and this short sequel have me changed my mind. I don’t mind the romance at all. I loved it in fact. It’s the perfect conclusion to Jem’s and Ryder’s reverse Romeo and Juliet story.


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