Review: Mirror Me by Tara St. Pierre

3.5/5 stars!

Mirror Me is surprisingly a well written YA contemporary with a healthy mix of suspense, mystery, paranormal and fantasy. The story centers on Hannah (also the narrator of the story) and her inner conflicts which are mainly manifested in her avoiding looking at herself in front of mirrors. Her past is something she would rather forget and looking at herself in front of the mirror is as good as confronting it. Consequently, this manifestation is also where everything interesting in the plot revolves.

There is natural charm and humor to the writing. It’s easy to read and connect with. The plot starts out nicely in a school setting with a portrayal of your good ole high school life where Hannah, even though a newcomer, easily finds friends in the characters of Zo and Grace. Of course, we find a romantic interest in the character of Cole. As the plot progresses, the mystery becomes established and weird things start taking place. The distance stretches between Hannah and her mom as her mom accuses her of rebellious acts Hannah has no recollection of. I have to admit, the strange incidents going on in the plot are imaginative and yes, also quite creepy.

In the end, I think the plot was very well played out. It managed to trick my mind into believing in several explanations to what Hannah is going through like multiple personality disorder, the idea of a parallel universe, but then there’s also a lot of paranormal-fantasy-ish elements and at one point, it kind of become quite too unrealistic and perhaps that’s my main complaint about the novel. Nevertheless, I appreciate what Ms. Tara St. Pierre was trying to do here. I liked how she put across the main theme of the story, about forgiving oneself in a very creative way. In the end, whichever really explains the odd events in Hannah’s life (it may as well be all of these things at once), I’m just glad with how her inner conflicts were resolved.

Thank you so much to Ms. Tara, for sending me a copy of her book. I had fun with both reading the book and writing this review. I’m looking forward to reading Just a Few Inches

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