Review: The Diabolic by S.J. Kincaid

5/5 stars!

“To care was to be helpless in the worst possible way.” 

This year is about to end but I could only count with my fingers books that really wowed me. I didn’t expect Diabolic was going to be one of them. That cover though very simple and unassuming is also completely gorgeous and captivating. It’s honestly one of the reasons why I bought the hardback and it pleases me to the bones to finally fully connect with the symbol at the front cover after reading the story. It’s perfect!

The story is written in the standpoint of a Diabolic called Nemesis, a humanoid created with the sole purpose to protect a Senator’s daughter named Sidonia from the political threats of a cruel and tyrannical galactic emperor. The plot is simply brilliant. It started nice and slow with the perfect pacing and build up, rich with imaginative world building.

The futuristic world is very detailed and I could imagine the people looking like those from the Capitol of the Hunger Games except here, their beauty bots and enhancing machines are a lot more advanced. People could change hair style or color in a single command while humanoids or bots serve humans with their every possible need and caprice.

Multi, cruel twists of fate led Nemesis to finally decide what to do with her life by involving herself with the emperor’s “foolish” nephew, Tyrus. and thus putting herself in direct conflict with Emperor Rendevald and his power hunger, controlling creep of a mother, Cygna.

I must say the plot twists in this novel are endless and unpredictable. Events get more and more intense page after page that my heart won’t stop pounding. They get even more intensified by this fluid, majestic writing adorned with beautiful imageries and gripping metaphors. In short, it was a completely gripping read from page one till end.

The plot, character development, the philosophy, the politics, the literary writing, the romance and every other element of the story fits one another like unique individual pieces of this huge, beautiful puzzle of a novel. It was amazing!

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