Review: My not so Perfect Life by Sophie Kinsella

5/5 stars!

“No one’s life has to be perfect.” 

My not so Perfect Life has been one of my most surprisingly good reads this year and also one of the most hilarious books I’ve read ever (The Panini and “Vedari” incidents had me wiping tears of laughter. I swear.) and if a book could make me laugh this much, I believe it deserves five stars. I’m logical that way. ^^

Katie, a Somerset farm girl who wants to make it big in London struggles with everything in the big city but doesn’t give up because living in London and earning a job that has something to do with branding have always been her lifelong dream. I mean her pathetic Instagram posts are heartbreaking but her positive attitude is so admirable, I can’t help but root for her well-being and success.

“It’s not that I lie. I was in those places, even if I couldn’t afford a hot chocolate. It’s just I don’t dwell on the not-so-great stuff in my life…And the point is, it’s something to aspire to, something to hope for. One day my life will match my Instagram posts. One day.” 

Everything about the plot is so catchy and the workplace setting is very relatable. Everytime Demeter, Katie’s seemingly “scatterbrain, thoughtless, unfeeling” of a boss enters the picture, I’m just too entertained, especially so when Alex, also Katie’s boss enters the plot and things get more and more heated, hilarious and complicated.

I don’t really want to give too much of the plot away. It’s just something you have to read and completely enjoy for yourself. I breezed through the book and enjoyed every moment of it. There wasn’t a single dull moment while the romance is just too adorable and too sweet. The ending is too cute and I love Katie’s epiphanies about her life or just life in general.

“I think I’ve finally worked out how to feel good about life. Everytime you see someone’s bright-and-shiny, remember they have their own crappy truths too” 

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