Review: Once and for All by Sarah Dessen

2/5 stars!

Sarah Dessen books usually make me cry a good cry. This book did make me want to cry but only because I never ever expected to give the YA Romance Queen’s book a two star rating. *sniffs*

I really tried to like it but everything I look for in her novels are missing in Once and for All. Usually her books don’t have exciting plots but I still find them substantial. Here I thought it was just slow and dull. I couldn’t connect with the characters which is a first for my Sarah Dessen experience. Honestly, it breaks my heart to be saying all these things about the book.

I usually don’t mind insta-love as long as it’s done right or at least realistically but insta-love in my opinion can only be as instant as at least a week. One night though where everything happens including you know what already and saying “I love yous” is just stretching it too far. I would have forgiven this epic romantic failure had there been a great character development but alas, there wasn’t so I’m just gonna keep crying.

The only thing consoling me is the knowledge that I saved her other older books Along for the RideLock & Key and The Truth About Forever because I have a feeling they will revive my love for the queen. Please don’t be discouraged. If you want to read her books, I suggest you start with the other ones I have already read and loved. Someone Like YouThis Lullaby and my favorite so far Just Listen.



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