Review: Upside of Unrequited by Becky Albertalli

2.5/5 stars!

I’m torn about the book. Yes, I did enjoy most parts. I liked the diversity of the characters and the boldness of the themes. I liked the natural, funny banters and dialogues and I also gotta love the Harry Potter references (always). The way the relationship between the twins, Molly and Cassie was portrayed very realistically. I really liked Molly in the beginning especially her arguments in her head which are usually hilarious and relatable. Her description of a crush is spot on.

“But if I had to describe the feeling of a crush, I’d say this: you just finished running a mile, and you have to throw up, and you’re starving, but no food seems appealing, and your brain becomes fog, and you also have to pee. It’s this close to intolerable. But I like it.” 

I quite remember how I felt exactly the same when I was a teenager and in my early twenties having unrequited crushes. Lol.

“But there’s this awfulness that comes when a guy thinks you like him. It’s as if he’s fully clothed ad you’re naked in front of him. It’s like your heart suddenly lives outside your body, and whenever he wants, he can reach out and squeeze it. Unless he happens to like you back.” 

But here comes my justification for my rating. I just don’t remember being so angsty at 17 and that’s one thing I hated about the story- how Molly overreacts at her lack of boyfriend at 17, how she always thinks like life is shortchanging her for not letting her experience kisses and sex. There’s a lot of sex talk, by the way which also annoyed me. I don’t mind sex talk at all but too many pages were devoted to talks about sex or thinking about sex, it kind of became awful which makes this review awful because I had to use the word too much. Sorry.

At one point, I also started feeling annoyed at Molly for thinking too little of herself because of her size and for needing too much validation from other people to feel and acknowledge that she’s beautiful. Molly obviously has a mental health problem since she’s taking Zoloft but it was not really addressed in the story. Honestly as a whole, there wasn’t much substance to it since it was mainly devoted to Molly finally seizing the day by getting a boyfriend.

Nevertheless, the story was still generally entertaining and I finished it very quickly.

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