My Go-To Contemporary Authors

I’m pretty sure every reader has a go-to author and as an avid reader myself, I have a bunch of them. These are the authors whose books I auto-buy regardless of reviews and cost of the books. They could earn a Goodreads average of 3.4 and I wouldn’t care at all. They could cost me a fortune and I would still buy them. Sheesh, these lucky authors. Lol. Anyway, here goes my list of my go-to contemporary authors in no particular order.

Morgan Matson


Amy and Roger’s Epic Detour was my first book by Ms. Matson. I thought it was sweet, fun and summery and since then, I have consciously added every book by the author in my summer reads. Her stories are usually a combination of themes on friendship, family and young love and her writing has this comforting quality that despite her novels longer than the usual contemporaries, I still breeze through them.

Sarah Dessen

The first novel I’ve read by Ms. Dessen was Saint Anything. It was a good read but it didn’t particularly blow me away. Still, it was enough to make me want to read her other novels. A friend gifted me That Summer which I thought was just okay-ish, a bit dull but still interesting while I found This Lullaby on an online bookstore and liked it a lot more than the first two but it was Just Listen that completely convinced me that Sarah Dessen is indeed the queen of YA contemporaries and has been one of the best contemporaries I’ve read up to date. It’s also the book that led me to the ultimate decision to buy every book written by the author.

Jenny Han


I think any YA contemporary-romance fan will share my love for Ms. Han’s books. They’re usually so fun to read, so relatable and addictive. I have already read her Lara Jean series twice now while I’m still looking forward to reading her Summer Trilogy. I’ve also read Burn for Burn series which she wrote with Vivian Siobhan and even those books I completely enjoyed despite the weird paranormal element to them.

Jennifer Armentrout


Ms. Armentrout is both a New Adult and a Young Adult writer. I wasn’t a huge fan of her NAs but lately I have come to really like her YAs. The first of her YAs I’ve read was Don’t Look Back, a mystery/romance novel which reminded me so much of the Mara Dyer series which I completely enjoyed. The Problem With Forever, however is on a whole new different level. It’s one of the most beautiful YA contemporaries I’ve read this year so I asked my best friend to gift me a copy of her new book, If there’s no Tomorrow.

Krystal Sutherland


Ms. Sutherland is a fairly new author. Her Our Chemical Hearts was released only last year but I liked that book so much, like something I would have written if I were a good author (lol) so on my birthday last month, I asked my husband to gift me her newest novel, A Semi-Definitive List of Worst Nightmares.

Colleen Hoover


My love for CoHo is almost unreasonable. I just love her writing style and her unique stories so much that usually erase the dividing lines between good or bad, ugly or beautiful, right or wrong. Her stories always create a whirlwind of emotions in me and often make me question even my own personal beliefs so of course, every time she releases a book, I buy it. *sighs*

Katie Cotugno

My love for Ms. Cotugno’s books is similar to my love for CoHo’s. It’s also very unreasonable. Lol. While so many readers hated her books with passion, I honestly liked them and appreciated the truthfulness to their stories. She is a very courageous writer who doesn’t shy away from sensitive social and moral issues.

Kasie West

Ms. West is definitely one of my favorite authors when it comes to contemporaries. Her books are your ultimate guilty pleasure reads. They’re usually fun, often cliché’-ish, heartwarming and so entertaining. Her books are the exact definition of easy reads.

Holly Bourne

I love Am I Normal Yet so much, my first book by Ms. Bourne. I love the British-ness of it, the familiar and heartwarming British humor, the femininity and the powerful story of friendship. Her Soulmates is a tad bit cheesier but it didn’t stop me from wanting to read her other books. There is something so powerful and raw in her writing that usually always makes me agree with stuff she says in her stories.

Julie Bauxbaum

I have just recently read Tell me Three Things, the author’s debut novel released just last year. I liked it a lot and thought it was very relatable so when What to Say Next was released this year, I just had to buy it too. I hope it doesn’t disappoint.

Francesca Zappia


Made You Up was my best contemporary read in 2015. It was a mix of fantasy and contemporary as the story deals with schizophrenia. I just loved the concept so much while the mystery blew me away. I am actually planning on rereading it again sometime soon. When I learned Ms. Zappia wrote another book, I fought against all odds just to be able to have Eliza and her Monsters.

Sophie Kinsella

I have just recently read My not so Perfect Life and enjoyed it to the bones. It was hilarious, sweet, relatable and very honest even though sometimes, yes it’s cliché-ish. I also liked her YA novel Finding Audrey very much so I’m thinking, I’m gonna start reading more books by the author.

I still have a lot in my list like Cath CrowleyRobin BenwayNicola YoonJandy Nelson (my mom was reading “The Sky is Everywhere” so I wasn’t able to document it), Kat SpearsJeff Zentner and Jennifer Niven. Some of these authors I’ve read only once but that was enough to make me want to read every other book they publish.



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