Review: Just a Few Inches by Tara St. Pierre

4/5 stars!

“No one should be considered average, it’s a purely mathematical concept and though math may have its useful purposes, describing who a person is shouldn’t be one of them. We all have the capacity for incredible achievements and incredible change, but those come from the inside, and none of it will happen while we’re obsessing about what’s on the outside.” 

I’m not sure my words will be enough to describe how empowering and resounding the message of this book is. Just a Few Inches is a such a pleasant surprise, I didn’t expect it was going to be this good. What started out as a cutesy almost Disney-ish plot turned out into something very riveting as our main gal, Carrie Roberts literally shrinks away possibly into nothingness after overdosing on diet pills for the pettiest reason of wanting to fit into that wretched little red dress to impress her boyfriend.

The plot alone is already very unique. It elicited a wide array of emotions in me. I was curious, afraid, embarrassed but also hopeful for Carrie as she takes on full responsibility over her actions and accepts whatever life she has to live as she slowly shreds a few inches of herself every day. It was very well written as it shows more than tells how the influence of our society including the social media shapes the perception of youth regarding physical appearance and how so many young people’s self esteem relies on other people’s perceptions.

The sci-fi-ish/fantasy-ish approach was also very entertaining while the characterization of Carrie is very admirable.

“One decision you made back then shouldn’t define you; what you do in the face of adversity will.” 

I love her positive attitude- how she makes do with what she has and how easily she learns from her mistakes. I also appreciate the feminism of the narrative without it being preachy and despite the severity of Carrie’s situation, the entire story was still an easy read. I sincerely recommend this.

Thank you so much to Ms. Tara St. Pierre for gifting me a paperback copy of this delightful read.

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