Review: The Problem with Forever by Jennifer L. Armentrout


5/5 stars!

“Forever wasn’t pain and grief. 
Forever wasn’t a problem. 
Forever was my heartbeat and it was the hope tomorrow 
Forever was the glistening silver lining of every 
dark cloud, no matter how heavy and thick it was. 
Forever was knowing weakness didn’t equate 
to an eternity of them” 

Life taught me that sometimes you have to protect your heart from beautiful things because when they break or shatter or when I finally look at them up close and find an irreparable damage, it breaks my heart. This is how I felt about reading The Problem with Forever. I was very cautious that even though I wanted to embrace the characters close to my heart, be involved with their story and feel their emotions, my instincts told me not to get too attached because for some reason, I knew it was going to be tragic.

I was wrong though.

And honestly, even if I tried to control my emotions and even if the book did end tragically (which it didn’t, just partly because (view spoiler)), I would have still fallen in love with the story and the characters because how could I not? I wanted to protect little Mallory and Rider from everything they went through.

Reading their story made me want to change my career to being a social worker if only it were possible. My heart ached for the only kind of life they knew as children so thank goodness for second chances, for kind strangers who foster and adopt children and love them like their own.
The Problem with Forever has been at the top of my wish list since it was published. For some reason, I felt very drawn to that cover and to that title so I did everything I could to find my copy and I’m very glad it didn’t disappoint.

But as significant as the story is, know that this book is basically a romance novel between a girl and a boy whose past has forever marked them in both good ways and bad so it’s a bit angsty, cheesy, sometimes corny but really adorable and inspiring. Both Mallory and Rider but Mallory especially are admirable characters and their story is one that I would cherish and probably read over and over, possibly forever. 😉

Here’s the perfect song for the book.

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