Review: Love and Other Foreign Words by Erin McCahan

4/5 stars

Such a fun, entertaining read. I love Josie’s preciseness in every language she chooses to speak. She’s the kind of girl who wants to make sure that she and the other party involved in every communication should share similar language. The moment she doesn’t understand another person’s language is her ultimate tragedy so when her sister Kate announces her engagement to Geoffspelled with a P, Josie resolves to make her older sister see that he isn’t right for her even if it has to take Josie to understand love, the most foreign, most alien language to her.

It got me so curious how she’ll go about all of it. Where were you book, when I was taking up my Sociolinguistics class back in college? Love and other Foreign Words would have made such a fun material for said class.

Josie’s relationship with her family especially with her sister is too endearing. I’m not a genius like Josie but boy, did I relate with her so much. I love how she always translates everything. Just see the following examples:

“Take the phrase cool or that’s cool. Depending on how, when and where, it has meant:
1. That’s really interesting.
2. I approve or like that.
3. I’ve never heard or seen that before.
4. I guess I don’t mind.

Shut up translated situationally, it means:
1. Stop talking.
2. Thank you.
3. I am not.
4. You’re kidding.
5. You’re right, and I have no comeback. “

Overall, it was a fun, really hilarious, adorably romantic, entertaining and informative read. I love how the book explores language in its deepest meanings and widest functions.

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