Review: Anna and the French Kiss by Stephenie Perkins

3/5 stars!


I wanted to read something fun and familiar so I decided to reread Anna and the French Kiss and I’m glad it didn’t disappoint or maybe just a little bit because the story got me to a point of furious frustration over Anna and Etienne’s (blech at his name and I used to think his name sounded super sexy, eew!) little pathetic dancing around each others’ feelings. Just too much drama. But I guess that’s mainly why it’s entertaining and it’s basically the meat of the plot. It’s swoony, heartbreaking, relatable, melodramatic and sweet all at the same time. I mostly enjoyed the story of friendship and the quick tour around Paris. It’s still my favorite of the three books. This is like a groundbreaker for YA contemporary romance, almost practically a classic right along with Sarah Dessen’s earlier novels.


There is something in this book that earns it being shelved under my favorites. I could not specifically point out if it’s the setting, France which is obviously romantic and which obviously implies that the story is also romantic. Maybe it’s the main character, Anna who isn’t really described as super pretty and neither is described as super geeky but maybe she wasn’t trying so hard to be any of those stereotypes which is why I like her a lot. Perhaps it’s because the story talks of the most beautiful 18 year old boy in the name of Etienne St. Clair (see? even his name is beautiful) or maybe it’s because of the admirable friendship among the five characters whose bond naturally just exists without any of them trying so hard. I suppose it’s also because of the sweet budding romance between Anna and Etienne that makes me giddy as I read the book. Probably it’s because this book has such a happy ending without annoying cliffhangers…hmm…I really couldn’t tell why I like this book so much. 🙂

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