2 in 1 Review: Monsters of Verity Duology by Victoria Schwab

Average Rating: 4.5/5 stars!

Book 1: This Savage Song- 4/5 stars! 

“Even if surviving wasn’t simple, or easy, or fair.
Even if he could never be human.
He wanted the chance to matter.
He wanted to live.” 

Very lyrical, right? Looking back, the story was indeed written like a song. Its theme is generally about monsters and humans, their differences and similarities in both their literal and metaphorical meanings. This Savage Song therefore is such a befitting title. It’s even more perfect when you actually read the book and see for yourself.

“You have to break them early,” her father once said. Of course, he’d been talking about monsters, not teenagers, but they had a lot in common.” 

I must admit I didn’t expect to find the story to be very thrilling because from what I unfairly assume of Ms.Victoria Schwab’s books, she mostly writes fantasy stories that concentrate on world building but that do not necessarily abound with action and adventure which I admittedly am not a huge fan of (I know. I’m a very flawed human being). But I took exception with this book after learning from friends that this is a dystopian/fantasy read, a genre I’m quite starting to be fond of and I wasn’t disappointed because the plot is action-packed, very gripping and the main premise quite entrancing.

I am very impressed with the idea of monsters coexisting with humans in a dystopian world and play at the good ole fashioned game called survival of the fittest. It definitely paints a pretty scary world, one that seriously needs a strict curfew and a medallion of protection. Of course, the story is even more interesting because the main characters are the exact personification of the theme of the story-monster vs. human, a very thin line dividing the two, sometimes interloping actually.

“ It was a cruel trick of the universe that he felt human only after doing something monstrous” 

For some reason though, I didn’t find the supposedly really scary monsters (the Corsai and the Malchai ) very fearsome because if they were, it would have added to the thrill and suspense. Maybe because they could talk or maybe I’m just weird? But I also admit how much impressive I find how these monsters are born, how from humans’ violence and crimes, a certain kind of monster is created. The idea isn’t far-fetched at all.

Book 2: Our Dark Duet- 5/5 stars! 

“Funny how simple things became when you didn’t have a choice.” 

As in the first book, the title of the second is just as perfect. The story begins as KK or Kick-ass Kate(as I call her) plays the role of Puffy the Monster Slayer in the City of Prosperity while August has become a leader in the South of Verity trying to keep monsters from the North at bay and attempting to save as many lives as he can. The title is very genuine because these two main characters can certainly call the plot of their story, Our Dark Duet.

In the first book, I said I wasn’t very scared but now I definitely am. Ms. Victoria Schwab took the concept of monsters to a whole new, very creepy level but ironically, I was very much mesmerized.

The Corsai got more frightening with their chorus sinking into me more seriously this time…
“beatbreakruinfleshbonebeatbreak” *shudders*

The Malchai are more cunning, powerful and terrifying. Sloan has become more dominant, more sinister and more blood thirsty and then there’s Alice who scares the crap out of me, I don’t know why. But the scariest of all is the lone shadow monster, the Chaos Eater that feeds on violence allowing humans to turn against each other. Just Bravo!

And because the plot has to get thicker and more twisted, we follow Kate as she decides to go back to Verity and face monsters that haunt her including that within her and because of course, she has to be reunited with August.

Their song is a Dark Duet that started with a Savage Song and I’m wise enough to know from the very start that no happy ending can come out of it. Saving a life always has a cost but saving an entire city means having to sacrifice certain, very important lives and yes I am definitely pissed because (view spoiler)…but like I said, it makes perfect sense and the Elegy gave me a very lyrical, satisfying and hopeful ending.

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One thought on “2 in 1 Review: Monsters of Verity Duology by Victoria Schwab

  1. I’ve been meaning to read this forever! (Plus the covers are so pretty!) I’m so glad you enjoyed this! The writing is so pretty! (I LOVE lyrical writing). I’m looking forward to this now. 😊

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