3-in-1 Review: Summer Trilogy by Jenny Han

4/5 stars!

Book 1: The Summer I Turned Pretty

I read it in one sitting. Even though there’s a thin air of sadness coating the story’s atmosphere, to me it was still familiar, warm and comforting. Jenny Han’s writing and stories usually do that. I appreciate how the first book to this trilogy is more like a coming off age novel more than anything. The writing actually reminds me of that of Shug, a middle school book written by Ms. Han which was completely endearing.

The entire story happens in a span of an entire summer but I was impressed with how the book managed to get me to know the individual characters in the story so well and in only a matter of less than 300 pages. The tangle of young love and love triangles expected of childhood friendships is adorably portrayed. I can’t wait to read the second book which I’m doing exactly now. One of the perks of getting sick- I get to stay at home and read all day long. Woot!

Bool 2: It’s Not Summer Without You 

What the what?! I finished the second book without realizing it. It felt like I have just started and then suddenly it’s done?! I guess that’s how addicted I am in Ms. Han’s writing. The second book is a lot gloomier than the first now that the glue that supposedly holds the characters together is now gone. Even I miss her too. *Sniffs*

The second installment has become more mature than the first book. The conflicts a lot more complicated and the love triangle has become deeper and more intense. I’m not so sure which team I’ll go for. Usually, I go for the dark, brooding, indifferent guy so I should go with Conrad but I’m starting to get annoyed at his coldness so maybe I should go for the sweet, caring and happy Jeremiah instead. Ugh. I guess, I’ll finally get to pick my final guy come third book so third book, here I come!

Book 3: We’ll Always Have Summer

Wow! That was agonizing, irritating and heartbreaking. I don’t know why I still like it. The third book is mainly about the love triangle among the Fisher brothers and Belly. I was almost sure I’d go for team Jeremiah but he seems to have transformed into a completely different person, so sloppy, careless and insensitive or maybe the story finally revealed his true colors and I honestly did not like it. I do not fully blame him for his actions though because in his heart he knows the real deal between Belly and Conrad but still. The cheating bit really sucked. So now there’s no question which team I’m rooting for.

Obviously, Conrad is the good person I’ve always thought he was. He was just good at hiding his kindness. I’m just upset with Belly for jumping in such a big decision as getting married while being so unsure of her feelings so that’s a star off from my rating because I’ve known her as smart and rational so I was very disappointed with her. I’m glad good fortune or perhaps fate meddled with her story and still ends up marrying one of the Fishers. Which one is up to you to find out. *winks*

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