Review: The Extraordinary Secrets of April, May & June

3.5/5 stars!

A fun, cute, adorable with a healthy dose of paranormal story about three sisters, April, May and June who for some reason (and don’t expect for any explanation because there isn’t any) have these supernatural abilities which they decide to utilize only for self-serving purposes because they didn’t want to meddle with the world. Lol.

Each girl has her own POV and you get to see their individualities in their own narratives. I think Ms. Robin Benway did a topnotch job on depicting the characters of the three girls. Just take a peak on their personalities with these one-liners.

April: “A little respect for the written word, please.”
May: “The rest of the day continued its usual pattern of suckage.”
June: “I’m going to be popular. “

The entire narrative is hilarious and I’ve had many laugh-out-loud moments. The girls are humorous and likable in their own ways and you can’t help but root for them. Just one of those lol scenes.

April: “So how do this work?”
Julian: “I think I have to pick you and pay for shit.”
April: “Do I have to wear heels and look cute? ‘Cause I really don’t have time to do all that.”
Julian: “Hell, I don’t care. I’ve already seen you look like this so it’s not like you have to impress me.”

So even though there wasn’t much depth to the plot, it’s actually almost ridiculous, the story was super entertaining and the writing and characterizations are clearly spot on and thus deserves 3.5 clearly good stars.

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