Review: The Distance Between Us by Kasie West

4/5 stars!


Reread on February 16, 2018
I enjoyed it even more the second time around. The things that bothered me the first time I read it were no longer an issue to me. Xander has become more adorable and pleasing in my eyes while Caymen’s sarcasm is clearly topnotch. I have completely forgotten about Mason though. I couldn’t even remember that there was another guy and a potential love interest at that in the story. The beckoning gesture, I still vividly remember though. Lol! This is why rereading is the best. So I guess my old review still holds true except that this time, I liked it even more. Of course, I read it in one sitting.
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3.90 stars 

[In deep, scary male voice]



A DEAD BODY being prepped for funeral 

*This is only a mock-up of a dead body as it would be too harsh to post an image of a real one*

[coughs back to normal female voice]


Despite the odd morbid elements as mentioned in the intro, (view spoiler) I know now I can rely on Kasie West for fluffy, light reads. Just like On the Fence, this has short chapters, enjoyable characters, cozy beach town setting and a fun, witty, sarcastic heroine and a too beautiful hero. (Personally though, I still prefer On the Fence just a tad more. )

Admittedly, instead of just completely enjoying myself with this book, I found myself battling with several “issues” like the over pushed characterization and themes.

I totally get it that this is about overcoming economic/social status distance for love (actually the “distance” in the title made me think this was about geographical distance, but I was wrong. I guess I was hoping it was that but never mind. Lol.) But in so many occasions, I felt like the premise is yelling at me way too much.

Just to give you a peek at the story- Caymen (the lead female) is poor (sorry there’s no other simpler way to say it when the character herself keeps reminding you that) while Alexander (the lead male) is rich and I’m pretty sure you know what comes next taking to account that this is a YA romance.

What just bothers me is the lack of subtlety in putting across the purpose of the story- Caymen for example keeps going on and on about how small her house is every time she’s at home and there are a lot of times she’s at home. Alexander on the other hand is unrealistically soooooo rich (at least to me). He has a personal plane, a music studio, more than three sports cars, is about to inherit 50 hotels, I mean GAH!!!! STOP!!! Rub it in much??? (or maybe I just haven’t met a filthy rich person ever in my life).

Also, I know that when Alex said the following line, it’s supposed to make me swoon…

“You are poor and I still like you.” 

…but the only reaction it got from me is…

Sorry about the rant. I just had to let it out. ^^

I know I may have sneezed out a lot of negatives but I still enjoyed reading the story. I liked the little conflicts in the almost linear but in a pleasant way kind of plot and I like how these conflicts were resolved. I also like the atmosphere of friendship and family that prevailed in the story and I definitely like the smooth flow of events and of course, the happy ending.

So, are you suffering from a terrible disease called book slump or just looking for a light, enjoyable read? I SO recommend this.^^

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