The Necessity of a Diary (Aaron)


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Note: Aaron is a new character in the series.

August 20, Wednesday

Dear Diary,

This day turned out better than I hoped. Yesterday, I got an invitation from Jansen, (Mike’s housemate and a member of our debate team), to attend a party at Mike’s. I rarely get invited to these things because, well, who wants the debate team captain in their parties? But I did not let this opportunity slip out because I was hoping to see Joanna Aquino there. I know very well Joanna is invited at every party. She’s like the constant guest of honor in every special event in school and I was hoping to get a chance to talk to her.

After debate runs and rehearsals at the auditorium with my team, I went home to freshen up and make myself look decent. After a quick shower, I turn to my closet for something appropriate to wear, but all I have are denims and lousy printed black shirts. I have several pairs of coat and ties, but I’m not so dumb to be wearing those. So I grab the best looking dark blue jeans I have and a plain black shirt. I looked at the mirror and saw no improvement so I tried taking off my glasses but put them back on right away. I am blind as a bat without them.

In front of the mirror, I try rehearsing pick up lines that I hope might sweep Joanna off her feet. “Hey Joanna, I think you just dropped something.” She would ask “what?” and then I’d say… “my heart.” Crap! That’s lame. Maybe I could try this, “Did it hurt?” She would say “what?” I’d say “when you fell from heaven”. Kill me now! I guess I’ll just have to be myself and take my chances.




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