Review: On the Fence by Kasie West

4/5 stars! 

I don’t remember the underlying deeper themes in the novel. All I remember when I read it then was the fluff and it being a summer breezy read. I didn’t realize Skye from The Distance Between Us is a character here and Caymen is mentioned at least once because their shops are practically beside Charlie’s workplace. I couldn’t even remember the things Braden and Charlie talked about and how it started with them trying to prove which one knows the other better. Clearly their feelings for each other have been building up since they were practically children so them being together in the end didn’t come from nowhere. I was so wrong. Did I not know how to read three years ago? Jeez!
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(I’d love for Chloe Moretz to play Charlie’s role in case this gets optioned for a movie.)

This is exactly what I needed- a cuddly, snuggly book to read and it gave me this overall warm and pleasant feeling.

This is a sunshiny story about a tomboy, Charlie (short for Charlotte) and her way to one of the most difficult endeavors in her life that is to figure out who she is and who she wants to be despite being the only girl in the family.

Charlie is a very easy-to-relate-to character as I believe every girl went through/will go through that “tomboy” stage. Well maybe not every girl, but I sure did which is a bit peculiar in my case because I have four sisters who are all epitomes of what a proper woman should be. Why I decided to follow my only brother’s or my dad’s path for that matter back then, I ‘m not really sure. ( In high school, I used to wear my dad’s oversized jackets with matching baggy pants to school and thought I was so cool. How dreadful! Lol. )

But anyways, back to the story, a far worse challenge Charlie somehow finds herself struggling with is her feelings for her and her family’s best friend- Braden who apparently has only sisterly feelings for her.

“This was the definition of torture- loving someone who only wanted to be your friend. “ 

There is this scene in the middle of the book where I just felt this strong sympathy for Charlie. It’s amazing how the author seems to know exactly how it feels to dodge/sugarcoat your true reaction to an obvious rejection.

I love the flow and transitions of the events in the story via the use of simple and heartfelt writing you can easily go along with. It becomes all the more appealing and entertaining especially since the story is told in Charlie’s POV.

“My heart thought that was the time to beat out of control.” 

I especially enjoyed how she blames every unfortunate event that happens in her life to make up. Lol. I also like the use of short chapters and the summer setting that make the story very light and easy to read.

The major thing that quite put me off however is the sudden overturn of events towards the end especially between Braden and Charlie. I was like “woah!!!“

I even had to go back a few pages to check if I missed some parts, but I didn’t. A slower, more elaborate process would have been much more believable but overall, this was a generally enjoyable read and it has a giddily happy ending via an end of summer party (Cliché-ish? Well most happy endings are.^^)

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