Our Fourth Wedding Anniversary

Hey friends! How time flies so fast. I feel like I have just posted my wedding anniversary blog last year but here I am posting a new one.  I almost couldn’t believe I’ve been married for four years because it honestly still feels like we’re only starting and for some reason, I find that really assuring like I couldn’t get enough of my time together with my husband. But I’ll stop here before you puke your brains out with my cheesy musings about my married life. Lol. Let me just share some of the photos of our three-day anniversary getaway. 



The first night, we spent it at Stilts, Calatagan in Batangas which is around nine hours commute from our home, Baguio City. We have been planning to visit this resort for months now having heard that it’s called the Maldives of the Philippines






We walked around the place for a while to simply relax and appreciate the scenic views. It’s quite relaxing just looking at the beauty of the place. FB_IMG_15211116062594463





FB_IMG_15212910092044077.jpg After we’ve satisfied our eyes with the beautiful sights, we went back to our tent which we put up right upon our arrival at the resort. It was so exciting because the last time I had camping was 20 years ago when I was in sixth grade. Lol.


It was a very memorable experience not only because we camped beside the beach but also because the mosquitoes feasted on our flesh and I have a lot of scars to prove it. Lol. It was worth it though.

FB_IMG_15212517681995259.jpgThe next day, we went to Tagaytay for a quick but fun experience at Sky Ranch, a leisure park overlooking Taal Volcano and Taal Lake. 





We only rode the Ferris Wheel just so we could have the best view of the Taal Volcano.





From Sky Ranch, we went to Mushroom Burger for lunch. It’s just a few minutes walk from Sky Ranch and we were lucky because there weren’t a lot of people yet when we got there. The food was very satisfying and very affordable.


We were supposed to spend the night at Tagaytay but my older brother kept insisting that we spend two nights at their house in Quezon City, Manila so we granted his wish and went to their place after our quick visit at Tagaytay. And of course I wanted to spend time with my brother and my nephews and my husband was just as excited to see them. 

But the best part our trip was this!



My first ever experience at a real book sale, the National Bookstore Warehouse Sale at Quezon Avenue where books are sold up to 90% off. It was an amazing experience. Even my brother who had no plans of buying books was able to buy more than what I bought. Lol. Here are my few but precious haul.


What a perfect way to conclude our anniversary trip. Lol! Thanks for reading the post and I hope you’re having a great day.





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