Review: Cruel Heart Broken by Emma Haughton

4/5 stars

A dark, sad, quite tragic but realistic take on life and clearly revealing the truth that no one is excused from experiencing different kinds of crap the world abundantly offers and Laurie at the age of 16 is no exception. The title fits the story well because it’s so damn heartbreaking, I almost wanted to throw the book against the wall and shout “enough already!”.

”You’d think, wouldn’t you, that a heart could only break once? If only that were true.” 

The sibling rivalry issue was one thing that really bothered me and it made me feel bad that things between Katy and Laurie will probably stay the same. Katy’s jealousy is like a plague and it pissed me to no end how she ruined what could have been a beautiful relationship for Laurie but I guess she can’t be fully blamed. A guy shouldn’t be easily persuaded if he is true to his feelings for a girl.

But no, I don’t believe Ms. Emma Haughton is trying to be mean. She’s just keeping it real and she did a really spot on job on it especially with her fluid, relatable and easy to read writing. There were times it got too real with too many issues (suicide, abortion, depression, teenage pregnancy, midlife crisis) going on in the plot and some of them were left unresolved but I guess that’s how life really is. Not everything gets concrete solutions. Sometimes we just have to accept things for how they are. Sometimes there is nothing left to do but move on, move forward. Like Tom from the book said,

”But life’s really not like that, is it? Nowhere is always sunny- but it doesn’t rain all the time either…That eventually the black clouds would pass. That it would all blow over” 

Cruel Heart Broken is something to read when you’re tired of your cutesy YA contemporaries with fairytale like romance and unbelievable happy endings. This is exactly the book to read when you want to keep it real.

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